ASICS Nimbus 15 Shoes Now Available for Women and Men. Gel Nimbus 15 Shoes are Highly Durable and Lightweight

Nimbus 15 vs Kayano 19

Nimbus 15

Nimbus 15 Green

Showing Nimbus 15 Lime

The Nimbus 15 is designed essentially as a cushioning shoe that seeks to provide exemplary comfort and cushioning for under pronating and neutral runners. The shoe is designed to be light weight but still able to be durable and long lasting. Nimbus 15 is the most comfortable shoe in the series yet and offers a new upper of fluidfit two direction mesh that is stretchable which when combined with the heel clutching system and discrete eyestay construction ensures a superb and snug fit. Nimbus 15 is designed using the ASICS philosophy which employs use of linked components to improve the heels gait from toe off to heel plus the independently placed eyelets that dispense lace tension, creating a snug fit environment that enhances upper comfort resulting to an easy and comfortable gait when running. Nimbus 15 also has a guidance line that is full length which is essentially a groove that runs along the sole and acts as a guide for the foot during the running gait which assists in efficient running even after fatigue has set in therefore it is well suited to heavy training. Nimbus 15 has other features that add to its comfort such as the full length speva lasting and the technologically innovative fluid ride sole construction plus the trusstic system in the men’s edition which provides more torsional firmness which in turn results to more support and comfort for the wearer. Nimbus 15 is the ideal partner for long runs since it is comfortable and provides cushioning which protects the muscle from sustaining injuries while running and exercising.

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Nimbus 15 for Men
Nimbus 15 for Women
Kayano 19 for Men
Kayano 19 for Women

Kayano 19

Kayano 19 Blue for men

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The Kayano 19 being the latest addition to the award winning gel Kayana series is designed to maintain and improve the series lead in the field of structural cushioning through a redesigning that focuses on uppers that are better fitting and a reduction in the shoes weight. Kayano 19 new design has been improved using the new technology Trusstic which together with the guidance line along the outer sole of the shoe works towards enhancement of a more efficient running gait while also lending support to the mid foot during runs. Kayano 19 also features the clutch counter designed to provide support,snug and dynamic fit around the heel which in turn leads to more stability on the inner part of the foot to compensate for over pronation. Kayano 19 has incorporated the PLUS3 technology in the new design and the gender specific cushioning which has created a softer top layer in the mid sole of the women’s shoe which in turn enhances the cushioning and comfort for its women wearers. Kayano 19 is made using lightweight hot melt upper and less stitching which in turn reduces the potential for irritability and thereby improving the comfort of its user. Kayano 19 is designed in such a way that it is significantly lighter but at the same time maintained its famous blend of cushioning and support for the user. Kayano 19 is ideal for long runs and is designed to provide support and comfort for its users when running and exercising.

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